USVAA Veterans Writing Workshop New Works Presentation 2018

The USVAA Veterans Writing Program New Works Presentation 2018 was presented in honor of the 100th Anniversary of Veterans Day and Armistice Day.

The New Works Presentation 2018 line-up included seven extraordinary scenes selected by our Writers Guild mentors from novels, screenplays, pilots and plays written by our workshop participants.

The 2018 presentation featured scenes from new works by the following military veterans:

Katie Robinson

Sati Kaur

Cynthia Hines

Rick McGovern

Kadyn Michaels

Izzy Ezagui

Steve Miska

Individual scenes were directed by the writers and mentors including Sati Kaur, Kadyn Michaels, Sam Wolfson and David Fofi with Melissa Ritz directing the show.

The presentation was followed by a talk back led by Melissa Ritz with the writers and mentors Timothy Wurtz and Sam Wolfson.