The Soldiers Project Presented “A Pathway Home” | National Conference June 8-10, 2012. On Saturday June 9th USVAA representatives lead a panel discussion on the arts.  


Conceived by John DiFusco, written by the original cast: Vincent Caristi, Richard Chaves, John DiFusco, Eric E. Emerson, Rick Gallavan, Merlin Marston and Harry Stephens with Sheldon Lettich; directed by John DiFusco; starring James Bane, Dan Bridges, Terrence Edwards, Chris DeVinny, Jonathan “Doc” Farrow, Juliez Frazier, Jaimyon Parker and Trevor Scott. Tracers was originally produced in 1980 at The Odyssey … Read More

IF ALL THE SKY WERE PAPER (2014 production)

Written by Andrew Carroll and based on his bestselling books of military letters “War Letters” and “Behind the Lines”, directed by John Benitz and presented by Chapman University, in association with Lexicat Artists and USVAA. The cast included several veterans and USVAA colleagues, including Chris Sweeney and Lorna Duyn. If All the Sky Were Paper premiered to a sold-out audience … Read More