If All the Sky Were Paper (2015 production)

Written by Andrew Carroll and based on his bestselling books of military letters “War Letters” and “Behind the Lines”, directed by John Benitz and presented by Chapman University, in association with Lexicat Artists and USVAA. The cast included several veterans and USVAA colleagues. Andrew Carroll is the Founding Director of Chapman University’s Center for American War Letters (CAWL), an extensive manuscript collection … Read More

Warner Bros. Valor Veterans Memorial Day Program

Jen LaVita, Roberto Carlos Zea, Warner Bros Valor 911 with USVAA

The Warner Bros. Valor Veterans Memorial Day Program featuring artwork honoring Memorial Day and Military Service with new artwork by USVAA Colleagues Jen LaVita (USA) and Roberto Carlos Zea (USMC). Memorial Day Weekend 2018.

Phi Beta Kappa Arts & Sciences City of Distinction Award

Phi Beta Kappa recognized the City of Los Angeles as an Arts & Sciences City of Distinction on October 17, 2017. The Society recognized the innovative efforts of the Department of Cultural Affairs, led by Danielle Brazell, which  promotes arts and culture as a way to ignite powerful dialogue, engage residents and visitors, and ensure that LA’s varied cultures are recognized, … Read More

My First Episode: A Conversation with Jalysa Conway and Kevin McKidd

Jalysa Conway and Kevin McKidd at the Writers Guild Foundation

Co-hosted by the Writers Guild Foundation and United States Veterans’ Artists Alliance, Grey’s Anatomy staff writer and WGF Veterans Writing Project alumnus, USVAA Colleague Jalysa Conway (USAF) screened her Season 14 episode and shared her process for crafting it with one of the show’s stars and a central character in the episode, Kevin McKidd. With part of the episode set … Read More

USVAA Veterans Writing Workshop New Works Presentation 2018

The USVAA Veterans Writing Program New Works Presentation 2018 was presented in honor of the 100th Anniversary of Veterans Day and Armistice Day. The New Works Presentation 2018 line-up included seven extraordinary scenes selected by our Writers Guild mentors from novels, screenplays, pilots and plays written by our workshop participants. The 2018 presentation featured scenes from new works by the following military veterans: Katie … Read More

USVAA Veterans Writing Workshop New Works Presentation 2017

In honor of our nation’s veterans and Veterans Day 2016, the USVAA Veterans Writing Workshop New Works Presentation was staged at The Actor’s Gang 7 p.m.,  November 7th 2017. This USVAA New Works program was a staged presentation of six scenes and selected readings from television and movie scripts, novels and memoirs written by veterans participating in our monthly writers’ workshop. Each … Read More