David Joyner

Three Musketeers by David Joyner

David Joyner is a United States Navy veteran. An inability to sit still and a love of animals began my journey through art. I was an awkward kid with awful handwriting. I was made fun of constantly for this. The worse my penmanship became however, the better my drawing ability. I began by reproducing other artist’s drawings. Then it dawned on … Read More

Sidney Tuggerson Jr

Gourds by Sidney Tuggerson Jr

Sidney Tuggerson Jr. is a United States Marine Corps veteran. In his decades-spanning work, California-based artist, Sidney Tuggerson Jr. has explored a wide range of art such as realism, figurative and abstract techniques through different materials and mediums. Self-taught, Mr. Tuggerson Jr. began drawing as a means of fulfillment and happiness, drawing for fellow servicemen while serving in the United … Read More

David Lee McGee

Repose by David Lee McGee

David Lee McGee is Pittsburgh, PA born and is a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. Once a Marine, always a Marine. David is a disabled veteran having served in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. David is a multidisciplinary artist working in graphite, colored pencil, acrylic paint, oil paint, pastel and charcoal. He has many interests in his … Read More

Amylynn Burns

Centered Turbulence by Amylynn Burns USVAA

Amy Burns is a US Army veteran. She is an acrylic artist from Bethlehem, PA who uses vibrant color and dramatic contract to fuel her passion for the viewer to become still and submerge themselves within her art. Amy’s graphical and linear pieces evolved from an early interest in graphic design as well as her linear style of drawing. As a … Read More

Daniel Ney

Sculpture by Daniel Ney

Daniel Ney is a US Army veteran of the Iraq War. Daniel E. Ney is a Sculptor born and raised throughout the rolling plains of Kansas. Forming the foundation, his values have provided an essential life compass as he navigated two military deployments throughout his college career. He began his journey as an architect, then as a student in Drawing. … Read More

Fabian Ospina

Image Credit: Going Sailing, oil on canvas by Fabian Ospina (USMC)

Fabian Ospina is a United States Marine Corps veteran. Fabian is an emerging South Florida artist who focuses primarily on plein air and studio paintings of tropical scenery found throughout Florida. He captures everyday places and things that are associated with living on or near the coast. His paintings are about escapism. Fabian works primarily in oil and guache. After … Read More

Gerald Euhon Sheffield II

Art by Gerald Sheffield

Gerald Sheffield is a United States Army veteran. The politics of recognition stands at the intersection of race and empire. It requires the subordinate to acknowledge, learn, and demonstrate their assimilation to the standards of the more powerful, in order to gain certain ‘privileges’ and ‘inalienable rights’ granted to those in charge. I draw propositional interventions between ancient and contemporary … Read More

Glenn Towery

Art by Glenn Towery

Glenn Towery is a United States Navy veteran of the Vietnam War. Glenn Towery began painting clocks in 2010, before leaving Los Angeles and moving to Round Rock, Texas In 2013. He was awarded a National Gold Medal by the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival in 2013 and earned an all expenses paid trip to participate in the event held … Read More

Tom Gormally

"Fade" by Tom Gormally - photo by Mark Woods

Tom Gormally is a US Navy Vietnam-era veteran. Tom Gormally is a sculptor and a partially disabled Vietnam-era veteran, having served in the U.S. Navy as a jet mechanic. He is known for sculptures which veer from whimsical to darkly humorous, and which incorporate wood craftsmanship, found objects, and diverse materials. He is interested in socio-political themes and the human … Read More

Todd Kruse

Artwork by Todd Kruse

Todd Kruse is a US Army veteran. For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by great visual art. Creating and studying contemporary art has beome a passion in recent years. I am searching for innovation and impact in my paintings. My background includes being raised in Kansas. Later I spent 9 years in the Army Infantry, including … Read More