Tyler Furey

Tyler Furey is a Concept Artist and Visual Development artist from Deptford, New Jersey. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts NYC in 2018, he enlisted in the Air Force in 2019 and pursued freelance work forvarious projects, including books and animated music videos. In March 2023, he joined AGD LLC as lead concept artist for an unannounced video game title. Currently, he … Read More

Randy Morales

US Navy veteran turned artist Randy Morales creates pop and street culture-inspired pieces in an expressive graphic visual language, imbued with nostalgia. His choice of subjects is strongly influenced by his experience of growing up in the 90s. Working through the feeling of being an outsider much of his life, Morales focuses on characters that would be the less ‘obvious’ … Read More

Andy Ray Marquez

Andy Ray Marquez is a proud husband, father, and woodworker. He is a purple heart recipient who served as a marine in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Music provided an outlet when it came to dealing with post traumatic stress. In 2017 Andy received a  BA in philosophy from CSUSB. Shortly after he decided to build mixed media sculptures. As an emerging … Read More

Lindsay “Bones” Cordero

Lindsay “Bones” Cordero is currently an officer in the United States Air Force and graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy where she got an education in absolutely nothing art related. Self-trained and self-representing, Bones is working on writing and illustrating children’s books and as of 2021 is an official Art-O-Mat artist. In 2019 Bones focused her art on mental … Read More

Mike Torma

Mike Torma artworks are pieces that echo both the overt charm of the artist’s atelier tradition, and the covert realities of his twenty-five years of military service, from Viet Nam through the first Iraq war. Throughout, he marries classical and contemporary methods, palettes, and themes. About Mike’s Military Career Rank: Brigadier General, USAF Medical Corps, Retired. Last served: Command Surgeon … Read More

Michael Novotny

MIKE’S BACKGROUND. Mike Novotny was born in central Illinois in 1983. He found his joy for creative expression early in his youth, but it wasn’t until 2014, while serving in the US Army, when Mike’s art began to evolve into the unique abstract style you see today. Mike served in the military for twenty years and the inspiration for much of … Read More

Ken Claes

Ken Claes was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, served in the US Air Force, and earned his degree in Architecture from Lawrence Technological University in 1973. While attending LTU, Ken was the first-place recipient of the inaugural and prestigious Michigan Masonry Institute Student Architects Design Competition. At LTU, he also studied watercolor and pastel with R. Darrow Champlin and … Read More

Len Luterbach

Len Luterbach is an independent artist working with the mind-body relationship and linguistic theory.  His work explores the relationship between art and psyche and the nature of reality and experience.   Themes such as sexuality, full and open speech, and the taboo are found throughout.  An eight year Navy veteran, Len served in Europe, the Middle East, and the United … Read More

Terace Garnier

Hi, I’m Terace. After serving for seven years in the U.S. Air Force and D.C. Air National Guard, I founded Live Edge Artistry. I live in a creative world surrounded by stunning, vibrant colors and shapes that embody different textures, materials, and symmetry. Each hand-crafted piece of my artwork is created with upcycled materials using my personal artistic taste. Add … Read More

Rick Grime

Rick Grime is a self-taught abstract painter and Air Force veteran. Rick was always drawn to the arts, but only answered the call as his military career was coming to a close.  His time serving in the nuclear missile complex of Minot, North Dakota became part of the inspiration that drove him to paint and embrace the concepts of gender … Read More