Robert Hold

I am a dreamer, thinker, philosopher, watcher, voyeur, artist. I have had a camera in my hands since I was a child and more recently since I have been out of the military. I have embraced photography as an art form and a means of expression. The world around me tells story upon story upon story every day. I strive to capture these stories and let the world see how they work through their eyes.

I was born in Houston, TX, grew up in Texas and New Mexico. In 2001, I enlisted in the US Air Force and served in a deployment in early 2003. I returned home in 2006 and picked up a camera and never looked back. I have participated in multiple shows and have been sought after for my art. I am currently the exclusive photographer for Richard Nunez (Studio Nunez) in addition to creating my own art and collaborating with others to complete theirs.

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To see more of Robert’s work, visit his website.