USVAA Veterans Repertory

USVAA is proud to announce that David Fofi (veteran, U.S. Navy) will be the Founding Artistic Director of USVAA Veterans Repertory, a partnership between USVAA and the American Theater Channel. Working with military veteran actors, directors and writers, this new partnership will present new and classic works of theater at the USVAA theater and locations throughout the country.

USVAA Veterans Repertory Founding Artistic Director

David Fofi (Veteran, U.S. Navy)

Founding Colleagues

Paul Tully (Veteran, U.S. Navy)

Gary Blumsack (Veteran, U.S. Air Force)

David Fofi (Veteran, U.S .Navy)

Dan Lauria (Veteran, USMC Vietnam)

Skip Pipo (Founding Colleague, USVAA)

Keith Jeffreys (US Army, Founding Colleague, USVAA)

Repertory Colleagues

Richard Chaves (Veteran, US Army Vietnam)

Cinthya Hernandez (Veteran, U.S. Army Operation Iraqi Freedom)

Robert J Morgalo (Veteran, U.S. Army Iraq War)

Melissa Ritz (Veteran, U.S. Air Force)

Matthew Streeter (Veteran, US Army)

Christopher A. Sweeney (Veteran, USMC Gulf War)


2008-2010 Veterans and Shakespeare Summer Program

2009 Zoo Story featuring Christopher Sweeney

2010 Bug, featuring Maribeth Monroe, Christopher Sweeney, Heidi Brook Myers, Skip Pipo, Casey Sullivan and Manfred Hofer. Directed by Keith Jeffreys

2012 The Long Way Home a one-man play by John DiFusco

2013 The Long Way Home and Tracers directed by John DiFusco with an all-veteran cast

2014 – 2016 If All The Sky Were Paper at The Kirk Douglas Theater directed by John Benitz, featuring Sandra Seacat, Laura Dern, Annette Bening, Kate Mansi, Lorna Duyn, Gary Cole, Thurn Hoffman, Christopher Sweeney and many others

2016 Hellcab directed by David Fofi

2016-2018 USVAA Veterans Writing Workshop New Works Presentation

2018 A 60’s Trilogy directed by David Fofi