Shawn D Augustson

Shawn D Augustson is a US Army veteran. Shawn D. Augustson is a multidisciplinary artist working in the areas of painting, photography, sculpture and pottery. Having had no professional art training gives him the encouragement and freedom to simply create from his heart. Shawn’s exploration into the arts came after serving in combat with the US Army in Iraq from … Read More

Drew Bly

Drew Bly is a freelance photographer, graphic designer and 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army Reserve stationed in California. As the founder of LLWF Photo, Drew has spent the past five years honing his skills as a photographer of events, models, everyday life and scenes from his travels. Drew’s diverse interests which include folk and rap music, adventure sports and travel are critical to his passion … Read More

Matthew Brown

Matthew Brown is a United States Marine Corps veteran. Honorable service connected medical discharge from the U.S.M.C. in the mid-70s is how I got started on what was originally planned to be a long military career. It has been difficult building another career or simply maintaining a steady job. Over the years, it feels like I am still planning with … Read More

Jason Deckman

Jason Deckman is a US Army combat veteran. He developed his interest in photography out of a love of travel and exploration. Raised in Upstate New York, he was transplanted to Texas by way of a military career and his native Texan wife. His subject matter is as varied as his interests, which tend to be fairly eclectic. Landscapes form … Read More

Phil Dobner

Phil is an US Army Infantry Veteran of Desert Storm with the 101st Airborne Division. He has had a passion for photography for many decades, partially due to the fact that it acts as a therapy for his disabilities.  To learn more about Phil and his work please visit HIS WEBSITE

Redd Dyver

My name is Redd, and I am a former Navy Diver and Marine. I have been doing photography as a living for almost 2 years now, covering everything from family portraits to modeling portfolios. I’m extremely easy to get along with, and believe that it’s my job to get the images you envision into a print that you can share with others. … Read More

Mark D. Faram

Mike D. Faram is a photographer, writer and US Navy veteran. He is currently the Senior Staff Writer for Navy Times, an independent weekly newspaper covering the U.S. Navy, based in Springfield, Virginia. He has been on the paper’s staff for over 22 years. Mark’s life’s work is documenting, in words and pictures, news and information impacting the lives and careers of … Read More

Joel Graham

Joel Graham is a Marine Corps veteran and urban photographer residing in New York City. His photos and stories have appeared on CNN, the New York Times and The New Yorker Magazine. To learn more, visit his website.

Mike Guinto

I received my first SLR in 2006 when I took my first photography class. Ever since I have been obsessed with learning and honing my craft. From 2010 – 2015 I served as a U.S. Marine Corps Combat Cameraman. Currently I am working part time as a free lance photographer/photo editor and finishing my Bachelors degree at SUNY Cortland as … Read More

James W Hawk

James W. Hawk is a United States Army veteran. James W. Hawk is an independent film director, writer, and producer. He is also a published author and photographic artist. He proudly served his country as a Scout in the 107th Armored Cavalry. As a filmmaker, Dr. Raymond Foery, Professor Emeritus Quinnipiac University Film, Television, and Media Arts, said of Hawk, “A … Read More

Robert Hold

I am a dreamer, thinker, philosopher, watcher, voyeur, artist. I have had a camera in my hands since I was a child and more recently since I have been out of the military. I have embraced photography as an art form and a means of expression. The world around me tells story upon story upon story every day. I strive … Read More

Amber Hoy

I explore questions of military service through the use of photographs, stories and abstractions: images and words pointing to each other, providing and withholding clues. The images and stories allow an in-between space of the stories not told and pictures not taken. My photographs look at the slippage between military life and civilian life, how a beach fence looks surprisingly … Read More

Jonas Lara

Jonas Lara is a Marine Corps Veteran. He has a BFA in Photography and Imaging from the Art Center College of Design and has an MFA in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts. He is a photographer, mixed media artist, and musician.   To learn more, visit Jonas’ website.

Jeremy Lock

SEVEN-TIME MILITARY PHOTOJOURNALIST OF THE YEAR, JEREMY T. LOCK For the past 21 years, photojournalist and now retired military photographer Jeremy Lock directed his lens towards the elements of the world that many of us will never have the opportunity or even the desire to see first hand.  His images are beautiful, heartbreaking, provocative and devastating – sometimes all in … Read More

Nicholas Luchenbill

Nicholas Luchenbill is a US Army veteran. I was born in Owosso, Michigan. I am a 10 year Army veteran that served 3 tours in the middle east. I currently live in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where I am studying photography at New Mexico State University. I have always been inspired by the power of the photography medium. I draw … Read More

Corban Cold Lundborg

Los Angeles based artist, Corban D. Lundborg was born and raised in the Twin Cities. After graduating high school, Corban was interested in the arts but unsure about a career as an artist and was looking for adventure instead of a classroom. During the summer of 2009 Corban enlisted with the United States Air Force as a logistician. At the … Read More

Len Luterbach

Len Luterbach is an independent artist working with the mind-body relationship and linguistic theory.  His work explores the relationship between art and psyche and the nature of reality and experience.   Themes such as sexuality, full and open speech, and the taboo are found throughout.  An eight year Navy veteran, Len served in Europe, the Middle East, and the United … Read More

Gail Manker

Gail Manker Photography was founded in 2009 after Gail Manker graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Science in Photography. Gail Manker is freelance photographer providing serving Greater Pittsburgh area and Trinidad and Tobago. Services include events, weddings, and family portraits; cooperate portraits, product shots, concert, nature and pregnancy photography. My biggest focus is on everyday … Read More