Molly Huggins

“Molly Huggins is a 14 year veteran of the Army National Guard, former helicopter pilot, Army spouse, and work-at-home mom to four children ranging in age from 13-5. She has lived the Army life in some form or fashion since the age of 18, joining the Tennessee National Guard at 18 as the first female armament technician ever in the state, trained on the AH-1 Cobra and finishing as a UH60 pilot.

Molly is a storyteller at heart with an artist eye for color and balance. She is obsessed with grammar, word choice, and policing unnecessary adverb usage. Plus, she also happens to be a bona-fide speed-reader. Her personal writing includes a narrative blog on parenting and life as an Army wife, with several full-length projects in the works.  Professionally, Molly has been teaming up with nonprofits and documentary filmmakers to write grant and funding proposals. Her mission is to find out who is making the world better and make that known most effectively”

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