Michael Novotny

MIKE’S BACKGROUND. Mike Novotny was born in central Illinois in 1983. He found his joy for creative expression early in his youth, but it wasn’t until 2014, while serving in the US Army, when Mike’s art began to evolve into the unique abstract style you see today. Mike served in the military for twenty years and the inspiration for much of his visual work comes from the experiences he had as service member.

Bridge to You by Michael Novotny

MIKE’S EDUCATION. Mike holds a Master of Arts degree in Humanities Studies, which is a unique multidimensional discipline that examines art, philosophy, history, poetry, music, and many other forms of human expression. The study of humankind from the ancient to the modern world has given him a profound sense of what it means to be human. It has also inspired him to explore ideas like individualism, community engagement, and the evolution of popular culture.

NON-OBJECTIVE ART IS THE WAY. While Mike sometimes does figurative work, his primary style can be summed up as abstract non-objective. His work is about generating feeling, without being overly committed to meaning. Maybe you love his work. Maybe you hate it. Maybe it causes mixed feelings. Either way, you feel something and that’s the point. Feeling is what we do best as human beings. Why not celebrate it through abstract visual art? Mike’s paintings are intended to shed light on this unique biological function.

MIKE’S CHIEF AIM. Mike wants to call attention to the human experience. He aims to raise collective consciousness as a visual artist and a writer. In all his work he seeks to promote self-awareness, human growth, and mindfulness. He also seeks to champion the philosophical aspects of visual art. Art has the ability to create new knowledge (epistemology); inspire social change (social and political philosophy); lead viewers to question how/why they think (philosophy of mind); and promote introspective thinking about the self (philosophy of self).

Be Still Sun Grazer by Michael Novotny

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