Mark Labella

Mark Labella, grew up in San Diego, California. His passion for acting began at a young age leading in school musical at the age of 7 despite his parents, being in the medical industry, did not encourage such a career. At end of his sophomore year of high school, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy’s DEP Program (Delayed Enlisted Program) after the events of 9/11. Despite his role as student body president, top ten of his class, his involvement in numerous leadership activities in school, and despite the encouragement of his Principal to get an education first, he left for boot camp almost immediately after high school graduation.

He served in the military as a Hospital Corpsman for 5 years while achieving a degree in Laboratory Technology from George Washington University. After the Navy, he used his G.I. Bill to finish his education at one of Philippine’s top medical universities: Cebu Doctor’s University and received degrees Bachelor’s of Science in Medical Technology and Medical Doctorate. After med-school graduation, he moved to Chicago to attend Kaplan University’s USMLE Prep Program. It was in Chicago that Labella rekindled his passion for acting.

He started taking both acting and improv at Second City, Chicago. He immediately began booking roles in various stage plays, independent projects and musicals despite being relatively new to professional acting. He booked his first SAG-Principal role on his second audition ever in Marcus Noble’s “Everyone Must Die.” Dr. Mark Labella has appeared in shows such as Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and his latest is a guest star role in a yet to be released CBS show.

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