Lyle Dillie

Installation by Lyle Dillie

Lyle Dillie is a US Army veteran.

Lyle is proud husband and father of three boys and is currently an adjunct Media Arts Professor at Estrella Mountain Community College and Media Arts Headmaster at the Creative Drill Sergeants Expressive Art Academy. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with an Interdisciplinary Art Degree at Arizona State University. He is teaching high level Film, Web Design, and Graphics Design courses here in AZ.

During Lyle’s eight years of service in the U.S. Army, he designed eye-catching company logos and art for t-shirts, websites, newsletters, and magazines. He has written articles on military and medical issues affecting over 20,000 soldiers and their families for Dwight D Eisenhower Medical Center, Fort Gordon, GA. Provided public awareness of the hospital by providing the articles to all available military media assets. This work has been published in the Fort Gordon newspaper “The Signal” and various publications throughout the United States. He has controlled various Army radio signal teams during Operation Iraqi Freedom I and III.

“Lyle has gone on to create paintings and installations which show the impacts of war and which highlight the conflicting emotions soldiers face . . . An interesting and meaningful dissection of what war really means.” – Monika Blichar, Art World Expo

Lyle is currently devoting his time among his family, art and students. He is continuing to create high level short films, fine art and graphic design for himself, his students, companies and nonprofits across the country.

Installation by Lyle Dillie

Installation by Lyle Dillie

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