Lindsay “Bones” Cordero

Lindsay “Bones” Cordero is currently an officer in the United States Air Force and graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy where she got an education in absolutely nothing art related. Self-trained and self-representing, Bones is working on writing and illustrating children’s books and as of 2021 is an official Art-O-Mat artist.

In 2019 Bones focused her art on mental health. Her painting “This is What Anxiety Feels Like” was featured in the Bossier Parish Community College Beyond Duty Art Show. The Air Force reported on Bones’ artwork and also shared her work on the Air Force Facebook to an audience of 2.8M, continuing the normalization of discussing mental health in the military. Bones believes the topic of mental health should never be stigmatized, and it is her hope to help decrease negative cultural attitudes towards seeking mental health care.

In early 2021 she collaborated with the clothing brand ICONI, where her artwork was incorporated on athletic wear in the BONES x ICONI “My Body Is Art” collection. Informed by her relationship with ICONI’s CEO Angel Johnson, the collection encouraged collaboration over competition and body positivity. Both women had been previously stationed together, and though initially hostile to one another, learned to overcome dynamics of tokenism and scarcity and work together not only as women in the Armed Forces but women in business promoting wellness.

As a military brat herself, Bones moved extensively as a child and remembers the biting loneliness she felt when somewhere new with no friends. Literature offered reprieve from the loneliness, and so she believes strongly in the power of stories to heal. As a result, children’s literacy is another area where Bones pursues her art and writing. Her first children’s book, The Krewe of Barkus and Meoux, will be released by Pelican Publishing in the winter of 2022, prior to Mardi Gras. Bones finds great joy in visual storytelling and hopes her stories cultivate the same belonging she found as a child sitting nervous and alone at a lunch table, nose in a book.

Bones resides wherever the Air Force tells her to, which currently happens to be Louisiana. Once her time in the Air Force concludes, she intends to step fully into a creative career writing stories and creating art.

This is What Anxiety Feels Like

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