Len Luterbach

Len Luterbach is an independent artist. 

His work explores the language of the mind-body relationship, the nature of reality and experience, and beekeeping.

An eight-year Navy veteran, Len served in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. Following his last tour at the Pentagon in 2003, Len completed his degree in Social and Public Policy at Georgetown University.

His research interests include systematic philosophy, phenomenology, Lacanian psychoanalysis, sexual ethics, and the symbiotic relationship between beekeeping and the art of life.

His studio, The Thinkpot, located in Carroll County, Maryland, not only serves as a space for art but also as a haven for his beekeeping endeavors. 

In 2023 he founded Cult of Bees, a beekeeping and art collective with members in Maryland and Colorado.

He divides his time between the United States, Uruguay, and Peru.

His website is located at https://www.aretaic.com

Len writes “Happy Tuesday” – a weekly newsletter of his poetry, prose, and insights into beekeeping hosted on Substack. The site is located at: https://aretaic.substack.com