Kensington Schneider

Kensington “Kensi” Schneider is a veteran of the Army Reserve. She has a B.A. in, both, international relations and public relations from Syracuse University. In 2013, she had the opportunity to work at Sesame Street as a Transmedia Production Assistant, curating content for and coordinating efforts to ensure seamless messaging across On-Air programming, PR, YouTube, PBS-affiliate site, digital and computer programming teams on a weekly basis. 

Since then, her passion for transmedia has not only flourished but has also fostered her development of three original transmedia IPs, expanding across– but not limited to–video games, TV series, film, websites and comic books.

Alongside developing original IPs, Kensi enjoys exploring the depths of existing rich story worlds, helping IP owners and audiences alike become further immersed in the realms of their favorite characters, heroes and villains.

To learn more about Kensi and connect with her, visit her LinkedIn profile.