Jeremiah Holland

After 14 years of military service, Jeremiah Holland enrolled in George Washington University’s Corcoran School of the Arts and Design. Today he works as an artist and furniture craftsman. His work was included in the award-winning PBS series Craft in America and has been exhibited at the National Museum of the Marine Corp, the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles, and many other galleries in the DC area and beyond.

My work commonly explores topographic and architectural forms through sculpture in wood with an emphasis towards furniture design. Aside from referencing many historical genres of art and craft I also gain inspiration from the natural and architectonic forms around me. I explore formal elements such as design, scale, aesthetic and function and quickly contest the artificial, the ignored and over-machined qualities of wood as a material. My philosophy ultimately adheres to pride of craftsmanship and creating a permanent differential between the unique and the mundane.

I am constantly challenged by the notion of furniture and although I frequently represent it as something that opposes traditional functionality, I also navigate a line between form and function while continuously keeping simplicity in mind. My body of work is often a relationship between the actual and the implied definitions of furniture and sculpture. I’ve come to understand that it is only language and culture that regard them differently and it is the space between the language and the form that has lead to my work.

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