Jen LaVita

Jen LaVita is a painter whose colorful works express are endowed with a simple serenity, often drawn from the beauty of nature. Seeking to challenge herself, Jen enrolled in the ROTC while earning her BFA at Syracuse University. This led to four years of service in the US Army as an air defense artillery officer. After mustering out, Jen relocated to the West Coast and began her career as an artist. Today she is a resident artist at the Grand View Fine Art Studios in Los Angeles. From this venue and others across the region, Jen has the opportunity to share her art, perform paint live to audiences and get inspired by other artists.

Jen is deeply inspired by nature- the rich colors, textures and patterns. A sense of vitality is always restored in her each time she steps outside and in the way of nature. Her early art inspirations come from the post-impressionist work of Vincent Van Gogh and the movement and rich colors of glass artist, Dale Chihuly. Jen uses painting and art as a necessary outlet of creativity and passion. She enjoys getting lost in the process and is always looking for her next project. She strongly believes that growth happens through challenge and working outside one’s comfort zone. Jen is ready and willing to go on whatever journey her art takes her.

“Magic Hour” 30 x 24 inches, acrylic & spray paint on canvas. 2021, Jen LaVita

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