Jeffrey Stenbom

Jeffrey Stenbom’s eerily stunning glass works are not simply breath-taking to look at, they are products of the artist’s ongoing therapeutic process. After serving in Iraq, the Army veteran took to art as a means of coping with the myriad challenges, psychological and physical, he faced after his time at war. For Jeffrey art is not just a creative outlet, it is a spiritual need. For these reasons, his works are largely drawn from his experiences in the military. They are translucent ghosts of the Iraq War which haunt both artist and viewer. Jeffrey has extensive teaching experience as a workshop instructor and TA. His work has been shown in exhibitions across the country.

After serving in the United States Army in Iraq, I faced new challenges dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and was not sure what to do with my life. I was fortunate to get back into art and learn the medium of glass.

Creating art is an escape for me. It is my outlet from within, from the confines of my own mind. The experiences I had in the military and particularly in Iraq shaped who I have become as a person. I do not always know how to interpret my thoughts and memories of these experiences in words, so art becomes my medium.

jeff_stenbohm_01 jeff_stenbohm_02
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