James W Hawk

James W Hawk

James W. Hawk is a United States Army veteran.

James W. Hawk is an award-winning independent film director, writer, and producer. He is also a published author and photographic artist. He proudly served his country as a Scout in the 107th Armored Cavalry.

As a filmmaker, Dr. Raymond Foery, Professor Emeritus Quinnipiac University Film, Television, and Media Arts, said of Hawk, “A truly imaginative filmmaker with a highly sophisticated sense of cinematic acuity. Jim has been remarkably active in various genres. As a director of narrative fiction, he has shown a sure hand with actors and a sophisticated appreciation of mise-en-scene. As a creator of animated visual motifs, Jim has displayed a mastery of the latest techniques and a sophisticated sense of composition complemented by a rich appreciation of theatrical style. Each of his projects also reveals the mind of an artist grappling with the eternal philosophical dilemmas of our existence on this planet – as well as some speculation about those other planets out there. In short, Jim’s work forces us to think as well as to look.”

Hawk has had 105 films screened at 57 film festivals/venues worldwide. One of his films was exhibited at an Art Exhibition in Rome, Italy. Two of his films were award-winners, one of his movies finished as a finalist at a film festival, and four of his films finished as semi-finalists. He has more than 150 credits on IMDb. Prominent industry professionals have given his work outstanding reviews. He has worked with and for the Connecticut Film Industry Training Program for four years as an Associate Producer and Director, Writer, and Producer of the behind-the-scenes films.

As a published author, his first short story, TO beta-VANVERDEN AND BACK, received the maximum five-star rating from Clyde Phillips, a writer and producer for the award-winning DEXTER television series. His second short story, FAILURE, was number two on Amazon’s top 100 best-selling U.S. short story list. His third short story, WILLARD’S FUNDAMENTAL FORCE, was number eleven on Amazon’s Best Sellers in Science Fiction Anthologies. He published a novella titled CONFLUENCE, which was warmly received with great reviews. He recently published JAMES W. HAWK – WINDOWS ON THE UNIVERSE – AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY and the HAWKMEDIA STUDIOS THEATRICAL MOVIE POSTER ALBUM. He will soon release a collection of short stories, MALACHI’S FIRST ANTHOLOGY, and the first book of his Aleph to Taw Chronicles, THE IAPETUS ENIGMA.

As for a photographic artist, his work can be viewed on the Fine Art America website at the link below. One of his works, FOGGY NIGHT ON CIRCUIT AVENUE, was an Official Selection of the Sappixel International Photo Contest.

James W Hawk
James W Hawk

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