J. Sam Frankel

J. Sam Frankel is a native Kentuckian recently transplanted to Austin, Texas. He graduated from Northern Kentucky University’s Fine Arts program with his Bachelors in Studio Arts, promptly joining the United States Army as an analyst and Arabic linguist. He served a short tour in Afghanistan in 2013, leaving active duty in 2014.

He recently left the world of marketing and communications manager at a strategic communications firm, to pursue his career as an artist and creative professional.He will be attending Austin Community College pursuing an Associates in Applied Science focusing on Game Design in the Fall 2016.

His inspirations are Winsor McCay, Frank Quitely, David Mack, Sam Flores, Geoff Darrow, Dustin Nguyen and many other wet medium artists working in graphic novels. He also finds much inspiration in music, from Queens of the Stoneage, TV on the Radio, Arcade Fire, Baroness, and many more.

Having worked mainly in oils and oil pastels in his senior thesis show, he transitioned his work to more travel friendly marker and pen mediums. Settling down in Austin allowed for a transition into larger and more complex works, experimenting with gouache and pen mediums.



Please visit his website to see more of his work.