Folleh Tamba

Folleh S. Tamba was born in 1977 in Chicago and raised in Sierra Leone by his grandmother. His parents were living and working in Liberia in 1990 when the outbreak of the Liberian Civil War disrupted their lives. As a result, Folleh and his family became refugees and immigrated to America in 1995. Even as a young child, Folleh had a passion for visual arts, storytelling, film, and video. He obtained a BA in Film and Video Production from Columbia College (2000) and a BA in Justice Studies from Northeastern Illinois University (2008). He also holds a MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Media (2014) from Columbia College.

Folleh’s appreciation for America and his respect for the United States Marines, who helped end the Liberian war, prompted him to enlist in the Corps in the summer of 2003. He was awarded a Purple Heart (2004) after being wounded in combat in Iraq. Folleh produced and directed two award-winning films about the war entitled The Triangle of Death (2009) and The Line of Departure (2011). Both films were screened at the G. I. Film Festival. The Line of Departure was picked up by A & E. In 2014, HillVets recognized Folleh as one of the most 100 influential and impactful veterans.

As a filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist, Folleh’s collection of triggered memories, life reactions, interactions, and nightmares are processed, distilled, and morphed into narrative texts, nonfiction films, two-channel videos, audio installations, drawings, paintings, and sculptures.