USVAA works with a number of veterans and artists in all aspects of the arts. Each of them possesses a wide range of views regarding their personal philosophy about art, their work as artists and veterans, the military, their service, war and combat and the transition from military service to civilian life.

Keith Kopp

Keith is a US Army veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is a filmmaker from the Pacific Northwest, who aspires to make great fictional and documentary cinema. His most recent documentary about the war in the Middle East and Africa has been played at the Devour Film special event at the Belfast Film festival. Keith is inspired by the works of P.T. Anderson, Wim Wenders and Carl Theodor Dreyer. He is in his last days at London Film School.

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Andrew Wade Nunn

Andrew is a filmmaker and photojournalist. He is an Army veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

“I wouldn’t say that war inspires me. It breaks my heart. I have a talent for delivering images to peoples emotions though. If I can make someone care enough to have an emotional response, they may not remember my image, but they may have a better understanding of what war really is. Western society has been blessed with peace. If you don’t want to see the war, it’s fairly easy: change the channel, turn the page, don’t visit that website, and you’d never be wiser that a war is even going on.”

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Michael Rose

Michael Rose is an award winning author, journalist and filmmaker, who¹s produced over 200 documentary television programs.

He has the distinction of writing, producing and directing the very first program to air on the History Channel. His programs have aired on numerous networks and been licensed in over 100 countries.

Based in Los Angeles, he¹s served on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of the International Documentary Association and is a member of the Director¹s Guild of America and the Writers Guild West. After service in the US Army he used the GI Bill to earn a bachelor¹s degree in history and then a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Theater, Film and Television Department of UCLA. He¹s a contributing editor to Documentary Magazine and writes for the Huffington Post. He’s currently at work on his second book, tracing the history of Look magazine and is writing a feature film script about the bombing of Hiroshima and its impact on one young girl.

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