• What is USVAA’s mission?

We promote the work of veterans in the creative economy by assisting them with their endeavors in the arts, humanities and entertainment industry.

The arts are essential to understanding the human condition. Veterans must be afforded opportunities to take part in and exercise leadership in all artistic disciplines in ways which reflect their diverse experiences.

USVAA strongly believes the arts and humanities should be approached in a manner that seeks to integrate the various forms of expression as parts of a larger whole. Fine art and music must inform theater as much as theater should and does inform both television and motion pictures. We encourage our colleagues to work toward making our vision accessible to other artists, veterans and the public.

  • How can I work with USVAA?

USVAA reviews the work of veteran working in the arts, humanities and entertainment industry and onboards new colleagues at regular intervals. If you are a military veteran or if you are interested in assisting veterans with a project proposal in the arts and would like to work with USVAA to produce high quality works of art in any field, please contact Keith Jeffreys at

  • Do you charge for your services?

All USVAA programs are free to military veterans. We do not charge fees, commissions, manager or agent fees of any kind for our work with veterans. We do however, on occasion, charge discounted ticket prices for USVAA theater productions.

  • Can I use the USVAA Studio Space at Fort MacArthur?

Use of the studio space is reserved for USVAA Colleagues and can be utilized for writing, painting, photography, meetings and classes for up to four days at a time.

  • Does USVAA provide legal advice?

No. We do however work with California Lawyers for the Arts to ensure veterans have access to advice on intellectual property matters. The CLA service is available to the public at affordable rates.

  • Does USVAA provide funds for projects like gallery exhibits, film projects or theater productions?

USVAA works with our colleagues to develop high-quality projects in all artistic disciplines that will provide benefits to as many veteran artists as possible.  USVAA does not provide grant money for projects at this time.

  • Does USVAA accept unsolicited material such as screenplays, novels or plays?

Not at this time. Veterans living in the Los Angeles area are welcome to bring their literary works to the USVAA Veterans Writing Workshop held on the first Tuesday of each month from 7 to 10 p.m.