Enrique Gautier

Enrique R Gautier

Enrique Gautier is an emerging poet and multimedia artist. Enrique was born in Caracas Venezuela. He emigrated at the age of 13 following acts of violence in his homeland. A day after getting his green card he enlisted in the United States Navy. He joined the fabled Seabees. Following tours of duty of Afghanistan Enrique continued his service as a legalman.

Upon discharge from the Navy Enrique enrolled at Naropa University, where he is currently pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics.

His work has been published at the Bombay Gin Journal, Lighthouse Writer’s Anthology All of Our lives (4th Edition). Enrique has also received at the  2023 National Veterans Creative Arts Festival, ECHCS Local Competition three first places in Poetry Non-Rhyming (General), Non-Rhyming (Military Experience) and Inspirational Essay Categories.

Accomplished author, poet and professor, Valarie Hsiung had the following to say about Enrique’s work “Reading the work of Enrique, one walks away with the sense that language emerged from the belly of an ancient, giant beast. There is an insistence on recognizing the imperishable truths of mythology, there is an insistence on the expansive nature of poetry as the torchbearer for all human origin stories. Enrique’s work threads so tremendously so that this expansive, ancient, mythological realm which he has long been comfortable navigating has become more contorted, surprising, and tonally, musically, and performatively variable. His pieces range from atmospheres of trance that foreground the alchemical transmutations of language to pieces that highlight the attitude and personality of a character’s voice, from pieces where the subject is allowed to disappear in the background or become covered in fog to pieces that let the persona of the poet as storyteller & magician sculpt the writing, from pieces that disorient time as a linear construction to let it morph into a spiraling construct to pieces where time is accepted as a strictly demarcated pathway from departure to arrival.”

Enrique is an avid sport enthusiast. He is currently training for a triathlon and hopes to participate in the Ironman Barcelona in the near future. More information about his work can be found at www.enriquegautier.com and his art at www.tripawdart.com