Employment Opportunities and Careers in the Creative Economy

USVAA works with a number of organizations and agencies at the local, state and national level to develop and provide short-term employment and career opportunities for veterans in both the creative and larger economies.

Since 2014, USVAA has coordinated with our partners at the Los Angeles Veterans Collaborative/USC to develop the Veteran Employment Strategy (VES). VES is designed to create a means by which veterans and potential employers can work together to increase employment opportunities in Los Angeles County for those who have served in the military.

USVAA works closely with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s 10,000 Strong Veterans Hiring Initiative and 211LA County to develop employment opportunities for veterans in Southern California.

In addition, USVAA pays veterans for their work on USVAA projects and initiatives such as Pen, Brush and Sword, our theater productions and for individual works of art produced by our colleagues.

Lastly, USVAA is developing programs which will increase short and long-term employment opportunities for veterans in the creative economy throughout the United States.

For more information about these programs, please contact Keith Jeffreys at keith@usvaa.org