Ed Carrion

Ed Carrion is one of those rare artists whose technical talent matches his innate creativity. His paintings are all reflections of his soul. His empathy and wanderlust, his joys and his traumas are seared onto every canvas. Though he shuns artistic labels as stifling, Ed identifies with the concept of symbolism, seeing his works as capturing emotion rather than likeness.

Born in New York City, Ed had a troubled childhood before joining the Air Force in the mid-seventies. Based in the Philippines, Ed served as a tactical airlift medic on assignments throughout the Pacific before being transferred to a lonely base in Maine. Since he left the service, he has traveled the country, experienced great joys and also grappled with serious issues stemming from his past.

But his art tells its own story, and with its sheer emotion and energy, its voice carries far.

ed_carrion_01 ed_carrion_02

To view or purchase Ed’s paintings, visit his website.