Daniel Donovan

I am currently working on my MFA at Montana State University, teaching classes and creating art. I work primarily in sculpture and 2-D mixed media, though I have dabbled in a bit of everything through the years. I completed my undergraduate work in fine art under Steven Robison and Howard Barlow at Central Washington University. I have undergraduate degrees in philosophy, an emphasis in ethics, and in fine art.

Being a combat veteran, as well as having unhealthy obsession with existential philosophy and science fiction, has opened my eyes to the how truly brief and absurd our lives are. Every one of them a furious reinvention of the wheel. We are fascinated with who we are, where we are going and what is waiting for us. We have created thousands of alternate futures and endings for ourselves, giving awards for the most successful, poignant and convincing. The stories themselves are written to ensure the author’s immortality, but through them, and our imaginations, we can exist in our own brief imitation of immortality. I work to give these concepts and ideas form, to translate our absurdity into beauty.

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