Christine Tinsley

Christine Tinsley is an art photographer who served the United States for three decades in the Coast Guard, earning the rank of Chief Warrant Officer. Her work has been featured in several galleries and exhibitions in Boston, where she is an M.F.A candidate at Tufts University. Christine’s photographs vary in their subjects (natural scenery, human figures, still lives) but are tied together by the artist’s desire to draw forth the immaterial stuff of life into the material world.

Every picture has a story. Every photographer is a visual storyteller. It is through these stories that people are inspired.

These images do not come from any particular desire to see the world through a lens, but rather from my passion for nature. It has fashioned every part of my life. I wish to show the stunning and powerful forces that have created the Earth we live on. With these photographs I attempt to bring my experiences to the viewer. A camera alone will never capture nature as we can observe it with all of our senses. My goal is to illuminate the experiences I have had in this world within the limits of this two-dimensional medium. I believe a great photograph is not merely documenting the scene at hand, but rather it is about blending the vision of the artist with nature.

I believe the most important quality of art, photography included, is to induce an emotional response. Everything in nature does this for me.

My on-going mission is to explore the limits of my cameras, to constantly strive for new solutions and to create images that provoke thought, evoke emotion, and revive our natural spirit. My hope is that by sharing my images, they will inspire adventure, awareness and empathy.


To see more of Christine’s work, visit her website.