Bryce N. Hansen

Bryce Hansen is a former Green Berets Commander, graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, a dedicated servant who defended America’s values and integrity throughout the world, and artist.

Bryce’s time in the Special Forces resulted in a predominant and persistent problem in his personal life, emotional detachment. Bryce’s return home from deployments left him struggling to connect with his civilian roots. Surrounded by many people, but feeling detached, lonely, and angry, he realized that he had come home a different person.

Desperately wanting to affect change in his life, and needing to complete his journey back home of being present as a father and husband and friend, and a person who can love and be loved, he turned to art. “My art is a safe place where I can be completely open and honest” said Bryce. “So, while I paint to be free, I paint as a means to relearn how to be vulnerable and love.”

Artwork by Bryce Hansen
Artwork by Bryce Hansen

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