Bryan Dubreuiel

Bryan Dubreuiel is a Texas-based painter and veteran of the United States Navy. His vibrant, colorful paintings have been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Texas and throughout the United States. A highly expressive artist, Dubreuiel often utilizes the sfumato mode of painting, applying numerous layers of different colored paints to produce subtle variations in color present in the finished works. Bryan’s years of work and commitment to his art and community have earned him recognition in regional art shows, including being repeatedly featured as a RAW Artist in Austin, Texas. He is also an active philanthropist, using his art to advance causes including Wish For Heroes and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. For every sale he makes, a portion of the money is donated a non-profit. His work and philanthropy was featured in “Art of the Living Gallery,” a documentary and art show.

I do not think of myself as having a style; I have ideas that I put on canvas. I paint out of pure drive and passion. I do not like to be labeled as only one kind of artist. I just paint what I feel. I want to paint something that makes others feel as well. I am interested in making the mind think, the heart beat, the soul sing. I like to make paintings that are alive and jump off the canvas. 

In my trials and tribulations as an artist I seek expression and knowledge, whether abstract, modern, impressionistic in form. I find the inspiration for my paintings in everyday life and the objects that surround me. I am constantly “seeing” a canvas, full of color and with meaning, all from normal activities of the day. 

Each painting becomes a novel to me, carrying me away from reality into my own imaginary world. It gives me what I have always wanted for others and myself; a sense of accomplishment and happiness.


For more on Bryan and his work, visit his website.