Steven Ochs

Steven Ochs, an outsider artist, has embarked on an artistic journey characterized by discovery, experimentation, and a deep-seated belief in the power of imagination to shape reality. Growing up on the border of Montana and North Dakota, his path to becoming an artist was anything but conventional. Ochs’ early experiences in the Air Force as a cryptologic Arabic linguist, and … Read More

Robert Prieto

Rob Prieto is a contemporary Puerto Rican artist celebrated for his vibrant paintings and murals. Renowned for his distinctive use of spray, oil, and acrylic paints, Prieto crafts visually compelling narratives that often feature themes of birds, flowers, hot air balloons, and elements of the ecosystem. Born in 1981 in Bayamon, PR, Prieto spent his formative years in Dorado, PR. … Read More

Michelle Riley

I draw inspiration from landscapes, writers, and musicians, while infusing my unique perspective into every piece. My mixed media pieces include calligraphy, painting, drawing and collage. I strive to portray the vibrant energy of the world around us through my landscapes, still life compositions, and figurative art. My use of bold and unexpected combinations of color creates pieces that are … Read More

Enrique Gautier

Enrique R Gautier

Enrique Gautier is an emerging poet and multimedia artist. Enrique was born in Caracas Venezuela. He emigrated at the age of 13 following acts of violence in his homeland. A day after getting his green card he enlisted in the United States Navy. He joined the fabled Seabees. Following tours of duty of Afghanistan Enrique continued his service as a … Read More

Mark Ball

Mark is an American actor and U.S. Navy veteran. Born to an Army family, he graduated from the University of Georgia and American University of Paris before commissioning in the Navy as a surface warfare and intelligence officer. His 10-year naval career took him all over the world – calling Japan, Bahrain, Virginia Beach, and England home before settling in … Read More

Jared Becker

Jared Becker is an United States Air Force Veteran. Jared Becker is an American actor, writer, and producer who has made his mark in the entertainment industry. Born and raised in Du Quoin, Illinois, Becker is the youngest of four boys in his family. He graduated from Du Quoin High School in 2012 and joined the Air Force in 2013, … Read More

John F Davies

I am a fourth generation native-born Californian whose family has resided in the Golden State since 1874. My early years were spent growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area. From the beginning I’ve had an interest in drawing and art in general. Over time, I gained other interests, especially a fascination with dinosaurs and anything prehistoric. Also reptiles/ amphibians … Read More

Ashton Ross

Ashton Ross currently serves in the United States Air Force, where she has worked as a Force Support Officer for the last ten years. She loves to create. And paint. And laugh! She has been creative since she could hold a crayon, and she’s been creating ever since. Whether doodling on a napkin in a restaurant, or drawing in the … Read More

Andy Horgan

Andy Horgan lives and works in his Wilmington, Delaware studio. From a young age art was his journey and he pursued many mediums of expressions. Discovering the use of ancient pasters and techniques, he creates a realism style of art in his pursuit of capturing the dignity of the human experience and the beauty in the ordinary. As an artist, … Read More