Ashton Ross

Ashton Ross currently serves in the United States Air Force, where she has worked as a Force Support Officer for the last ten years.

She loves to create. And paint. And laugh!

She has been creative since she could hold a crayon, and she’s been creating ever since. Whether doodling on a napkin in a restaurant, or drawing in the margins of her notebook in class, she’s always been drawn to creating beautiful things.

She didn’t study art in college. She took a different path, studying French, and after graduation she commissioned into the Air Force, and she is currently serving in Washington, D.C.

Fields of Gold by Ashton Ross
Sweet Virginia by Ashton Ross

Many of her landscapes are inspired by her travels with the military. The Air Force has moved her and her family throughout the world, and she wants her art to create a warm, friendly environment no matter where it is displayed, making any house feel like a home, where all are welcome and a part of the family.

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