Jamie Peterson

Jamie is a Minnesota-born, full-time artist based in Washington, D.C. For five years after graduating from the United States Airforce Academy, she was an active duty member the Air Force. While serving as an Air Force Reservist and military spouse, she studied studio art at the University of West Florida.

Her work investigates the nature of personal narratives and how in capturing a fleeting moment an image can tell an entire story. She weaves courage, wit and innocence into her paintings in order to connect with her viewer on an emotional level and to remind them of the joy and uniqueness that is present within them and those around them.

Jamie has found success as a commissioned live event painter and has had the opportunity to paint at the US Supreme Court Building, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and the Library of Congress, to name a few.

jamie_peterson_01 jamie_peterson_02

For more art and information, visit the artist’s website.