The United States Veterans’ Artists Alliance (USVAA) is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary non-profit arts organization, founded in 2004 by military veterans and artists. USVAA provides opportunities for veterans in the arts by highlighting the work of veterans in the arts, humanities and entertainment industry along with the contributions veterans have made to the rich cultural history of our nation since the Revolutionary War.

Additionally, USVAA networks with veterans, artists, supportive individuals and organizations within the arts and veterans’ communities to find funding and support for individual artistic projects in theater, film, television, the visual/fine arts and a wide variety of crafts.

Where possible, USVAA strives – as spokespersons in the veteran’s community and in our endeavors as artists – to address issues of concern to veterans and their families via artistic endeavors and platforms. These issues include the transition from military to civilian life, education, employment, the effects of wartime and military service injuries such as PTSD, TBI and Military Sexual Trauma (MST) and homelessness among veterans.

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Neither Wolf Nor Dog featured in KTLA 5 Los Angeles Interview

This is a must-watch interview about the movie Neither Wolf nor Dog that ran on 9/12/2019 on KTLA-Channel 5 here in Los Angeles. Congratulations to USVAA Colleague Christopher Sweeney and Director Steven Lewis Simpson on a super job both on the movie and the interview. We wish them both tremendous continued success as the film continues to wow audiences and critics alike.

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Announcing the formation of Onward Press, USVAA’s publishing imprint

Onward Press is the publishing imprint of the United States Veterans Artists Alliance. Onward’s mission is to publish well-written, compelling books by military veterans, spouses, military brats, and other family members.  Also, people who served in other agencies overseas and their family members. Onward is interested in great stories well-told, and are not limited to military, veteran or government-service topics.  Onward publishes literary novels, non-fiction, memoirs, mystery, true crime, suspense-thrillers, to name just a few.

Learn more by visiting the ONWARD PRESS WEBSITE