Corban Cold Lundborg

Art by Corban Lundborg

Los Angeles based artist, Corban D. Lundborg was born and raised in the Twin Cities. After graduating high school, Corban was interested in the arts but unsure about a career as an artist and was looking for adventure instead of a classroom. During the summer of 2009 Corban enlisted with the United States Air Force as a logistician. At the … Read More

Chris Strickland

Photo by Chris Strickland

My photography captures beautiful imagery that celebrates life, beauty, vibrant colors, amazing details, contrasting shapes, and unique environments illuminated by existing light. I explore both commonplace and rare aspects of the world which are often missed or overlooked. My images tell a story, ask a question, stir emotions provoke a thought, document my journey through life, get a reaction.  This is my passion and I love … Read More

Hoss McBain

Photo by Hoss McBain

Hoss McBain is a photographer and a United States Marine Corps veteran. I have loved adventure ever since I was little. As photographer, I love being able to be in the moment when I’m shooting an event or just daily life. To see more of Hoss’ works, please visit HIS WEBSITE

Amber Hoy

Photo by Amber Hoy

I explore questions of military service through the use of photographs, stories and abstractions: images and words pointing to each other, providing and withholding clues. The images and stories allow an in-between space of the stories not told and pictures not taken. My photographs look at the slippage between military life and civilian life, how a beach fence looks surprisingly … Read More

Redd Dyver

Photo by Redd Dyver

My name is Redd, and I am a former Navy Diver and Marine. I have been doing photography as a living for almost 2 years now, covering everything from family portraits to modeling portfolios. I’m extremely easy to get along with, and believe that it’s my job to get the images you envision into a print that you can share with others. … Read More

Andrew W. Nunn


Andrew Nunn grew up in Dodge City, Kansas where he joined the US Army as a Combat Medic in 2003. Following his service in the US Army, he studied at The Art Institute of Austin, in Austin Texas, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography in 2014. Andrew has worked as a documentary photographer and photo journalist … Read More

Mark Pinto


Mark Pinto is a retired Marine helicopter pilot, Gulf war veteran, and former Buddhist priest. In May 2014, he received his Masters of Fine Arts, Photography at San Jose State University. Mark creates work that serves to inform society of the many extended costs of war. His first exhibit was a digital photo project called “Joes Come Home”, utilizing GI … Read More

Mark D. Faram


Mike D. Faram is a photographer, writer and US Navy veteran. He is currently the Senior Staff Writer for Navy Times, an independent weekly newspaper covering the U.S. Navy, based in Springfield, Virginia. He has been on the paper’s staff for over 22 years. Mark’s life’s work is documenting, in words and pictures, news and information impacting the lives and careers of … Read More

Mike Guinto

U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Col. Marc Tarter smiles after detonating explosives in recognition of his 30 faithful years of service at Marine Corps Base Quantico Demolition Range Charlie, Quantico, Va., June 21, 2013. Lt. Col. Tarter enlisted in the Marine Corps in June 1983. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Michael C. Guinto/Released)

I received my first SLR in 2006 when I took my first photography class. Ever since I have been obsessed with learning and honing my craft. From 2010 – 2015 I served as a U.S. Marine Corps Combat Cameraman. Currently I am working part time as a free lance photographer/photo editor and finishing my Bachelors degree at SUNY Cortland as … Read More

Stacy Pearsall


A Bronze Star recipient, Stacy Pearsall has proved herself as an accomplished photographer on and off the battlefield. Stacy enlisted in the Air Force at the age of 17 and went on to serve for 11 years, taking placements all over the world, including three combat tours in Iraq. Assigned to the 1st Combat Camera Squadron, Staff Sergeant Pearsall took photographs which have been used … Read More