Michael Obney


In my artistic education I consider myself as self-taught through my readings of writings by renowned pen & ink artists including Claudia Nice, Robert W. Gill, and Gary Simmons. I have also studied the styles and techniques of well-known maritime pen and ink artists including Paul Hitchens, Jim Campbell, and Dennis Burrow. Also, many of the skills I have learned … Read More

J. Sam Frankel


J. Sam Frankel is a native Kentuckian recently transplanted to Austin, Texas. He graduated from Northern Kentucky University’s Fine Arts program with his Bachelors in Studio Arts, promptly joining the United States Army as an analyst and Arabic linguist. He served a short tour in Afghanistan in 2013, leaving active duty in 2014. He recently left the world of marketing … Read More

Jonathan Gavin-Patterson


Jonathan is a Massachusetts-born painter. He is a proud Veteran, husband and father. As a Sergeant in the United States Army, Jonathan deployed overseas in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and performed his duties as a Crew Chief on UH-60 Blackhawks. Jonathan takes his experiences he has encountered and uses them as inspiration in his paintings. He received his BFA … Read More

Anthony Robles


We are looking forward to updating this entry with information about this artist very soon. Thank your for your interest.

Jonathan Over


Jonathan is a designer, graphic artist and Army Reservist. He was worked in model design, animation and in public affairs for the US Army. He is currently studying art and design at the University of Southern California. As a part of his practical education, he is working as the art lead on Gear Frontier, an indie game in develop. He … Read More

Buggsy Malone


Buggsy Malone was born in Macon, Georgia and raised in many different countries by his father, a civilian contractor for the U.S. Air Force. From kindergarten in Thailand to graduating high school in Europe, traveling was second nature and joining the military was an easy call when college life became more entertainment than education. Buggsy served for just over 13 … Read More

Brian Ferrand


Brian Ferrand is a craftsmen. He works in metal, leather, jewels and wood. Alongside his family, he operates Bluegrass Engraving, a specialty business which specializes in unique belt buckles and jewelry. He and his wife opened up shop after careers in the military, as a paratrooper/nurse and speech pathologist respectively. Like the craftsmen of old, Brian’s wares are unique works … Read More

Ed Carrion


Ed Carrion is one of those rare artists whose technical talent matches his innate creativity. His paintings are all reflections of his soul. His empathy and wanderlust, his joys and his traumas are seared onto every canvas. Though he shuns artistic labels as stifling, Ed identifies with the concept of symbolism, seeing his works as capturing emotion rather than likeness. … Read More

Wayne Vansant


Wayne Vansant is an illustrator, writer and creator of comic books and graphic novels with three decades of experience. His entry into the industry was illustrating the 1986 Marvel series “The ‘Nam”—a fitting title for a Navy veteran who served during the Vietnam War. Since then he has worked on dozens of titles for different companies and published his own work independently. … Read More

Belvin Evans


Belvin Ray Evans was born in San Antonio. He lived there for 17 years before enlisting in the United States Navy. Ten years later he was a well-traveled Chief Petty Officer. After 22 years of service, the officer transitioned into civilian life. It was during an overseas tour that Evans was introduced to the world of art. He became a … Read More