Eric Garcia

Art by Eric Garcia

Known for mixing history and culture with contemporary themes, Eric J. Garcia always tries to create art that is much more than just aesthetics.  Garcia earned his MFA degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has won numerous awards such as the Jacob Javitz Fellowship.  He has exhibited nationally to include such institutions like the San … Read More

Maximilian Howell

Art by Maximilian Howell

Maximilian Howell (b.1970) is an abstract modern expressionist painter.  Feeling trapped in the corporate world he was searching for a creative outlet but, as a lover of classical art, he felt he wasn’t prepared for such an endeavor as an artist without proper training.  Fortunately the urge to create won out over his reason and in a fury of paint and movement … Read More

Steve Elliott

Art by Steve Elliott

Steve Elliott was born in Quantico, Virginia. After serving a four-year active duty tour in the Marine Corps and extensive travel experiences overseas, he received his B.F.A. from the University of Kansas and his M.F.A. from the University of Maryland. His large-scale sculptures and mixed-media works have been included in more than eighty exhibitions and collaborations in twenty-six states nationwide, including ARC Gallery (Chicago, IL), 516 ARTS … Read More

Corban Cold Lundborg

Art by Corban Lundborg

Los Angeles based artist, Corban D. Lundborg was born and raised in the Twin Cities. After graduating high school, Corban was interested in the arts but unsure about a career as an artist and was looking for adventure instead of a classroom. During the summer of 2009 Corban enlisted with the United States Air Force as a logistician. At the … Read More

Paul Torres

Art by Paul Torres

Naturally gifted with a keen observation of everyday life and the cultural, social, political and religious landscape in the world we live, Paul Torres’ art embodies a rich imagination and is laced with social commentary and a soulful interpretation of everyday life. Paul was born in Chile, his interest in art began at age 3 after being introduced to comic … Read More

Jim Stevens

Art by Jim Stevens

I first began drawing and artwork in general when, as a child, I stole into my Grandmother’s studio and “borrowed” a piece of her charcoal and sketching paper. She was a commercial artist. She caught me. But instead of being angry, as I feared, she sat me down and taught me how to draw. Years later, I had the opportunity … Read More

Bob George

Art by Bob George

Fine Arts studies and a Vietnam Combat Artist assignment backs up my long career as an illustrator, designer and art director in the Washington, D.C. area. Over the years, my artwork has been displayed at the White House, Pentagon, U.S. Park Service and the National Air & Space Museum. Now semi-retired from the commercial scene, I take great pleasure in … Read More

Christian Gabriel

Art by Christian Gabriel

Christian Gabriel American Artist: b. 1984. Christian Gabriel was born in Amityville, NY in 1984. Being a war veteran who struggled with PTSD, he found his outlet through painting. It was after going to local art shows that he became inspired & his monochromatic world turned colorful. A world where you can do anything or be anyone. Christian started painting … Read More

Michael Obney


In my artistic education I consider myself as self-taught through my readings of writings by renowned pen & ink artists including Claudia Nice, Robert W. Gill, and Gary Simmons. I have also studied the styles and techniques of well-known maritime pen and ink artists including Paul Hitchens, Jim Campbell, and Dennis Burrow. Also, many of the skills I have learned … Read More

J. Sam Frankel


J. Sam Frankel is a native Kentuckian recently transplanted to Austin, Texas. He graduated from Northern Kentucky University’s Fine Arts program with his Bachelors in Studio Arts, promptly joining the United States Army as an analyst and Arabic linguist. He served a short tour in Afghanistan in 2013, leaving active duty in 2014. He recently left the world of marketing … Read More