Los Angeles Times
"As much a visceral experience as a dramatic presentation...celebrated in the percussive rock finale.."



 Tracers is the
"Pick of the Week!"
Santa Monica Daily Press calls it...
"Powerful! Mesmerizing! Brilliant!" 
The Santa Monica Mirror declares...


"Each and every member of this highly trained, extraordinary cast has created a living, breathing, totally unique, actualized character- All the elements blend together, creating yet again, an unforgettable evening of theatre." 
The Los Angeles Post says...
"It is so strong and powerful it will hurt, but don't let that scare you, it's a good hurt. Although the stage was small there was so much passion streaming from the stage, it made it seem huge."
And in the Culver City News...
"Despite the fact that the play was originally written with the stories of Vietnam veterans, and the current cast is comprised primarily of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, the truths to be found in the shared experiences still ring true and provide a harrowing glimpse into the reality of what our service men and women encounter in the line of duty.."



The LA Progressive
"With Tracers’s run extended through November 9th, you might want to catch this riveting performance if you care at all about what these wars our country choses to fight do to the young men — boys, really — and now young women we send off to fight them."



Eye Spy LA
"From before the Vietnam War to the present day, veterans are among us with stories of service and sacrifice. ‘Tracers’ is a play everyone should see because these stories matter. These men represent the commitment and heroism both for those still serving and those who, like them, have come home. It is up to us to listen with our minds and hearts and never forget the tributes our veterans pay with their lives. This play will continue to leave an unforgettable trace on the theatrical canon and for every generation who finds it and brings its truth to the stage."



"Unforgettable. I was privileged to see such a moving true to form as it should be.."