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USVAA is a 501© 3 non-profit organization. We count on your donations to assist us in providing a full-range of opportunities to military veterans in the arts along with those that assist them. Please consider making a donation today.

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Your donations to our programs allow us to provide a number of valuable services to veterans currently working in or who wish to work in the arts, humanities and entertainment industry. All USVAA services are free to all veterans so we rely on your generosity.

Please read up on for four ways your targeted donation can assist USVAA in our mission today.

USVAA Veterans Writing Workshop 

For the past six years, USVAA has participated in the Writers Guild Foundation’s annual Veterans Writing Weekend Retreat Program as part of our overall mission to assist veterans through professional development in the arts, humanities and the entertainment industry.
Please support this valuable work with a donation today.

The USVAA Website and Outreach: 

We believe the quality and diversity of the art our colleagues produce in their respective fields is evidence that the USVAA mission is successful. We couldn’t accomplish this without maintaining our website and undertaking the administrative work required to get the word out to veterans and the public. Please support our website and outreach with a donation of any amount today.

The USVAA Veterans Repertory

Quality theater productions are expensive and the standards are high in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world. In order for USVAA to compete in this environment and serve our veteran colleagues, we must create the best possible productions. We’ve done it before and now we’re working with a new team, building on our past successes to do it again. Our successes include productions of “Zoo Story”, “Bug”, John DiFusco’s “The Long Way Home: Reflections on the Tracer’s Story” and “Tracers” as well as numerous collaborative efforts with other production companies.

USVAA, led by Navy veteran and USVAA Veterans Repertory Artistic Director David Fofi has the talent in place. Now we need to build the program, develop the plays, build the sets, rehearse and get the word out. Please donate today to make this a reality for our veterans.

The USVAA Studio at Ft. MacArthur

The USVAA Studio at Ft. MacArthur provides veterans with a place to create works of art in a peaceful and inspiring environment free of charge.

While the service is invaluable to emerging veteran artists, we must pay $400.00 for the use of the studio as well as administrative costs and upkeep.

Please donate today so USVAA can continue to provide this valuable service to those who served in our military.